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Acupuncture and Oriental MedicineMoxibustion involves the heating of acupuncture points with smoldering mugwort herb (known as moxa). Moxibustion stimulates circulation, counteracts cold and dampness in the body, and promotes the smooth flow of blood and qi. This safe, non-invasive technique may be used alone, but it is generally used in conjunction with acupuncture treatment. 


Adjunct Therapies - Tui na means "pushing grasping," and is a powerful form of Chinese medical bodywork. Based on the same Oriental medical principles as acupuncture, tui na seeks to improve the flow of qi through the meridian channels. Tui na is particularly effective for conditions involving muscles, tendons and joints, such as structural misalignment, orthopedic problems and sports injuries. It can also be used to treat internal diseases.


Acupuncture and Oriental MedicineCupping is an ancient technique, used in many cultures, in which a special cup, made from bamboo, buffalo horn, or other materials, is applied to the skin and held in place by suction. The suction draws superficial tissue into the cup. The cup may either be left in place or moved along the body.
Cupping brings fresh blood to the area and helps improve circulation. Traditional cupping, sometimes referrerd to "fire cupping" uses heat to create a vacuum-like suctiong, inside of the glass cup. In modern times, other cups have been introduced, some use a pump, some are made of silicone and are pliable, and a squeeze of the the cup is enough to create the suction necessary. 


Gua Sha is an East Asian healing technique. Gua means to scrape or rub.
Sha means sand; reddish, elevated, millet-like skin rash (aka petechiae).
Sha is the term used to describe Blood stasis in the subcutaneous tissue before and after it is raised as petechiae.
Gua Sha is one technique that intentionally raises Sha rash or petechiae.
Gua Sha is used whenever a patient has pain whether associated with an acute or chronic disorder. In addition to resolving musculo skeletal pain, Gua Sha is used to treat as well as prevent common cold, flu, bronchitis, asthma, as well as any chronic disorder involving pain, congestion of Qi and Blood, by bringing toxins to the surface. 

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